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New Brands Coming Soon......

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

After the CiFF exhibition and visiting the International Art Design Center in Shenzhen, a bunch of business negotiations are coming. We just want to bring the best to you!


We choose every furniture carefully from a thousand pieces of products. Compare the price and quality to make sure to achieve our customers' expectation in a reasonable budget.


There are some features of the foreign furnitures. They are colorful like bold palette and are made by advanced materials at the same time keep a clean-cut outline and offer a comfortable user's experience. It will be a smart choice to have a armchair or a sofa to brighten up your house. 很多時候鍾意外國設計師嘅作品,佢哋用色大膽,選用材料新穎,傢俬嘅造型同線條乾淨利落而且符合人體工工學,坐住真係好舒服! 如果希望自己屋企可以與別不同,一套沙發又或者一把扶手椅就即刻可以令屋企搖身一變!

This is the my favourite band recently, it really cheers me up every time I see these beautiful furnitures. For me, nothing better than spend after-work hours on the lovely sofa with the people that I love. However, the price is considerable.



Room 103, Building C2 Baolixiangbin, Changchun, Jilin, China

Room B, 20 Floor, Building No.4, La Marina, Macau  

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