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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

A good way to get idea to design your own house is to learn from others. The more you see, the clearer image that you will have in your mind.

St.Petersburg, Russia, a 95.2㎡ apartment.


The open kitchen and living room create the core area of the home, where a family can spend time in the same space. Try to imagine, a mother is preparing a delicious dinner in the spacious kitchen while the child is doing the homework at the dinning table, and the father is taking rest on the sofa. This space planning closer the relationship among the family's members. However, this model may not work to every family, because it depends on the family's own living habits and eating habits.


The Master's Room and the Children room.


The bathroom shower and toilet area are separated and hidden on the sides of the bathtub wall. The floor and the wooden-grain wall in the middle balance the color of the space and warm up the whole environment. Nowadays, the technique of making wooden-grain brick is gradually maturing, and there are more and more choices. If you like the wooden floor but don't want to worry about how to take care them. Wooden-grain brick will be your best solution.




Room 103, Building C2 Baolixiangbin, Changchun, Jilin, China

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