Golden Bowerbird Space Design Ltd. is a full-service design firm specializing in high- end residence or commercial space. We design understated yet bold spaces that are tailored to incorporate the demands of the family while maintaining a timeless appeal. Our transparent approach; attention to detail and rich experiences of design business promise our team to provide a seamless design process within the budget from concept to completion. In 1994, the founder William Tou followed his passion into the world of interiors and launched the business after a period of time selling the construction material. As his business grew, he transformed the office from ownership to shareholding system decided to come back to his hometown Macau and open a branch. To bring back the latest fashion and comfortable living environments for Macau people.


William Tou




The founder of the Golden Bowerbird Space Design Ltd. was born in Macau. He redirected his passion and focus to the interior design field after working in the tourist, gambling and the retail industries. As a self-taught designer who doesn’t have any art learning experience, he needs to spend more time to earn the trust of customers. The design world may be tough to navigate but William drives his dream come true by keeping his eyes and ears open and always doing the right things. He opened his own interior studio when he was 30. Many clients choose to work with William not only for his spin in the construction spots but his commitment to work with the customers on devising an appropriate that with incorporate their expectation for the project. Like his belief, ‘ Everyone Deserves Great Design.


Working in the interior design for over 10 years, Ada never changes her mind but want to create spaces that are just as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to live in. At the same time, Ada has continually learned all sides of the industry by collaborating with architects, builders, craftsmen and vendors on projects large and small. Ada always brings some bright aesthetic and creative approaches drawing inspiration from her love of textile, bold palettes as well as her favorite fashion, artists and designers.

Ada Qiao




      股     東   




Room 103, Building C2 Baolixiangbin, Changchun, Jilin, China

Room B, 20 Floor, Building No.4, La Marina, Macau  

Tel: 68250610

E-mail: goldenbowerbird.interiordesign@gmail.com

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